Hello! Based in Ottawa, Ontario, it is my task to transform the everyday into a canvas to showcase your life, your personality and all the wonderful occasions you have to celebrate!

Photography has a truly wonderful way of preserving the present for the future. Growing up, my favourite thing to do was rummage through my parents old black and white photos bombarding them with the who, what, when and where . . . I love the ability of photos to tell a story, capture an emotion and preserve old memories. Behind the lens, I become the story teller which is a wonderful way to express my creativity.

My Style: I have gained valuable experience working alongside many great photographers and studying at the School of Photographic Arts Ottawa to develop my own personal style.  I have a photojournalistic approach to photography to capture your life in a modern, candid and relaxed way.  I am predominantly a natural light photographer and use available light to document your life’s most precious moments.  I know photos aren’t just pictures, they are memories and it is my goal and unique style to preserve the emotion that makes your life unforgettable. I love every bit of what I do!

My Life: Photography keeps me pretty busy and when I am not shooting I spend my days with my wonderful husband (and assistant) Andrew, our little cocker spaniel Tobie and our daughter Sophie.  I love being able to document my life as it changes, looking back to fond memories of yesterday and most importantly decorating my walls with photos.  I dare you to find empty wall space in my house!  It is my task to provide you with photos that you’ll love to surround yourself with.

Want To Learn More: You’re at the right place! My Blog is the best place to see what’s new and to get a glimpse into my life.  Also, I invite you to join me on FACEBOOK and TWITTER to get updates and sneak peaks of the latest things I am working on!

Thanks for stopping by and taking a minute to learn about me!