Katie & Luke | Engaged!

I met Katie and Luke in Renfrew, at Katie’s grandparents farm, for their engagement photos on the most beautiful of winter days!  It’s wasn’t very cold at all and the snow fell beautifully the entire time we were out shooting!  This is about as close to a beautiful winter wonderland as one can get and Katie’s grandparents farm suited this picturesque scene perfectly!  As we walked along the snow-covered tree tops, every spot my eyes fell on was worthy of a picture and Katie and Luke posed effortlessly as I guided them through the untouched snow (with the help of Katie’s wonderful parents who pointed out some beautiful places on the property!).  As you can see from these photos – Katie and Luke have a natural ease and comfort in front of the camera and that is just a quick reflection of what a great and loving couple they are!  Playful, fun and sincere – the love just pops out in each frame!  It was nearly impossible to choose a couple favourites because every image I grazed through brought a smile to my face because they are just so incredibly cute!  Settle down and get cozy – here are a couple of my favourites!