Fashionable Sweets | On Location!

Last weekend I held my first boudoir marathon and it was a fun, relaxed girls day out complete with fun music in a beautiful luxury hotel suite with wine, champagne, stunning make-up by Yelena Perunov and delicious treats provided by Ottawa’s very own Fashionable Sweets!  I knew I wanted to treat the ladies to fun, sexy treats during the shoot and Fashionable Sweets immediately popped to my mind having tasted her goodies at various events!  I explained to Marika what I was thinking and she brought my themed-vision to life with these incredible sugar cookies and favours!!  They were so yummy and no left-overs to speak off!  She specializes in sugar cookies and cupcakes for all your “Fashionable Occasions” so feel free to contact her with anything you have in mind because you definitely will not be disappointed!

Parting favours for the ladies!