It’s my birthday!

Thirty years in the making (plus nine months) and the day have finally arrived – I turn 30 today!!!  I neither feel old nor young for that matter – I feel like 30 is a time to look back, reflect and be thankful for the love, joy, happiness and success I’ve been blessed with during these last 30 years!  In 30 years, I have lived on two continents, 3 countries, learnt 4 languages, got 3 University degrees in Science (crazy, I know), married the most wonderful man, have the cutest puppy EVER and the most incredibly inspiring mom PLUS I get to share my passion for photography with the world!  I am so grateful to all those who have shared this journey with me and to all those who will cross my path in the future!

As part of my birthday blog I thought I would share what I love most with you – my birthday photos from back when I was little!  Polaroids of my childhood memories; a true testament to the value of photographs because these are irreplaceable and invaluable!  These simple photos are enjoyed by me 30 years later and will be shared with my children and their children . . . they have survived the test of time (and so have the curls)!

This being said – 30, I think it’s going to be a great year!